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We are a team of passionate people who love motorcycles !


"And that is to provide the BEST riding products in the aftermarket industry by delivering the best products into the supply chains in regional markets."


QBEE Group Wholesales to more than 1800 point of sales in Malaysia. Only with the best dealers selected to operate QBEE franchises.


We do not want to be seen as a competitor to our customers. QBEE Malaysia functions only as a distributor.



The Beginning of QBEE


Our Beginning" normal


It all began in 1980s. When a young man (then), our founder, Mr. Bee Ng first started out with a humble beginning, as a motorcycle mechanic merely to simply bring home the dough.


Starting out hasn't been easy in pre-industrialised Malaysia, Malaysia then was more dependent on the exports of raw materials and was known more as a country specializing in low-income industrialization. Bikes were few and far between - Soichiro Honda's vision of putting a motor into the bicycle just wasn't common and even then, the Honda Cub was perceived as a luxury item than a necessity in Malaysia.


Then came the rapid modernization of our southern geographical neighbor, Singapore.


The motorcycle trade thus boomed in the Southern corridor of Malaysia - no doubt due to the hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists traveling into Singapore as a solution for cheaper labor and the opportunity for a higher income due to the increasing income disparity due to stronger Singapore Dollar.


Sensing a good opportunity to move into the rapidly increasing parts supply/ distribution sector and armed with technical expertise, Bee then ventured into this very sector by starting QL and we have been doing the same ever since. Parts dealerships and recognition soon came quickly as QL was made the Southern parts distributors for OEMs like Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Modenas.


Years went by and QL was always recognized as one of the best stockists in the region with our glowing plethora of awards and plaques confirming our position to consistently generate revenue with OEMs as stockists.


Our big break came when QBEE (a clever connotation of QL and our founder's name thought by Bee's wife, Afton) was formed in 2001 to start the importation of motorcycle aftermarket products. Amongst our first products were the firsts aftermarket motorcycle rims for underbones (or what is affectionately referred to as Kapchais) in Malaysia which has continued to this very day. This increasing product range line-up soon included tires and brake shoes.


Other companies soon began to mimic our procedures, thrashing prices for one-shot hit/run businesses soon became the norm in motorcycle spares. Instead of being competitive by providing sub-standard products, QBEE streamlined it's supply chain solutions and hence provided competitive yet quality motorcycle spares into the market. Such planning and actions allowed QBEE to become a household brand amongst all motorcycle workshops in Malaysia. Our phone lines were ringing non-stop by workshops demanding dealerships and supply of goods. Regional importers from all over South East Asia soon got in the act and started importing from us.


When you deal with QBEE, we are not a faceless gigantic company underlayer and layers of inefficient bureaucracy - instead our strength lies very much in the dynamism of our staffs and marketing teams.


QBEE first started working with mega brands/exporters in the motorcycle industry in 2008 and amongst our first partners were Shinko tyres (South Korea) and Dunlopads (UK). Today, we are the proud distributors of the best European/American/Korea/Japanese motorcycles after-market brands (find out more in the "OUR BRANDS" Tab). QBEE has always achieved tremendous turnover with the product line-ups that we carry.


As a family majority-owned and operated company, our suppliers are not merely just a few pages of our catalogs and once per annum purchase. Instead, we regard them as part of our extended family, partners! We do quality marketing to reach out to the final consumer. We also ensure that workshops are well-stocked, salespeople well-trained to sell the products we stock. When you deal with QBEE, we are not a faceless gigantic company underlayer and layers of inefficient bureaucracy - instead our strength lies very much in the dynamism of our staffs and marketing teams.


Any visitor to our facility will often be awe-struck by the rows of performance bikes and cars parked outside. These are not customer's vehicles but the staff. All automotive and motorsports enthusiasts who follow the very philosophy - that only by knowing our customers and their needs well, can we deliver exceptional user experience.


Every item that comes through the warehouse is specially tested by a member of the staff for it's advertised features, quality, and technical specifications. We use what we sell best describes our products sourced from all over the World! QBEE also supports the local Motorsports industry by equipping the best and emerging talents in the Malaysian Super Series and Cub Prix - normally the same products that we distribute to bike shops. This is a true testament to believing in what we sell.

Since 2020, QBEE has begun exploring into a different area of the bike world, the "kapchai" world. We saw that we can bring a whole different experience of "kapchai" riding which the market needs in the form of "Forged Carbon"- an outer bodykit to be installed on bikes which elevates the appearance and provide a much cooler feel. From there, we worked our way through and made it our mission to start researching and producing quality products to the "kapchai" market, tuning bikes to make it more all the more powerful and hence transitioning to our new name- Tuned by Qbee. 









Kawasaki’s Number 1 stockist for Malaysia
Year 1994 – 2015


Honda’s Top 10 stockist in for Malaysia
Year 2006 – 2015


Modenas Top 10 stockist for Malaysia
Year 1997 – 2015



Kawasaki Premium Dealership Award
Year 2012 – 2015


Kawasaki Top Stockist
Year 1994 – 2015


Suzuki Top Stockist
Year 1993 – 2015



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Email Address : sales@qbee.com.my

Phone Number : +6073507086

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QBEE Pistonheads

No 6, Jalan Tiong Emas 3, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.